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Permanent eyebrow makeup

We have prepared a special program with an in-depth theoretical part, which will give you the opportunity to engage in eyebrow styling professionally and, most importantly, to find an approach to each client and case in particular.

Перманентный макияж бровей

What You'll Learn

Total Length: 3 days

Permanent eyebrow makeup

  1. Introduction

    – Who is a Permanent Makeup Artist?
    – Career opportunities

  2. Basic level

    – Facial structure and anatomy
    – Facial shapes
    – Facial diagnostics: symmetry, facial harmony, facial disproportion detection – Brow structure and anatomy
    – Brow forms and classification
    – Eyebrow architecture, design and modeling techniques according to facial structure
    – Methods of visual correction via eyebrows form
    – Perfect eyebrow secrets
    – Eyebrow care

  3. Majors level

    – What is a Permanent Makeup?
    – Used equipments and application data sheet
    – Work place arrangement
    – Septic and antiseptic
    -Indications and contraindications for use
    – Anesthetic technique and types
    – Recommendation after the procedures. Care, repair pharmaceuticals – Coloristic. Varieties of pigments for permanent makeup, selection and application features
    – Features and application of permanent makeup needles
    – Eyebrow design creation

  4. Practical training Eyebrow Modeling on three models

    – Processing technique with instruments: tweezers, scissors, wax, tint – Positioning of the needle
    – Diagnostics of form damage: over plucking, scars, hair loss
    – Eyebrow modeling performance

  5. Practical training Eyebrow Micropigmentation on two models
    By Swiss apparatus «SWISS COLOR»

    – Psychological aspects of customer service
    – Finding eyebrow shape according to anatomical scaffold of scull, appearance and customer wishes.
    – Main mistakes in eyebrow shape finding – Eyebrow pigmentation technique:
    1. Filing
    2. Shadow effect
    3. Combined technique
    – Rework

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