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Professional Development

Курс предназначен для работающих мастеров, а так же если пройден базовый курс «Архитектура Бровей».

Повышение квалификации

What You'll Learn

Total Length: 2 дня (по 4/5 часов)

Professional Development

  1. Asymmetry and subtleties of a perfect sketch

    – Ways to fix asymmetry
    – The subtleties of working with an asymmetric face
    – Rules for constructing the ideal proportion of eyebrows
    – Basic techniques for drawing an eyebrow sketch: thread, paste, henna
    – Working out the sketch on silicone mats

  2. Henna staining

    – Unique 4 techniques for coloring eyebrows with henna
    – Wireframe drawing
    – Coloring #24
    – Secondary staining
    – Filling technique
    – Placement of hands on silicone mats for confident staining with henna
    – Coloring and selection of the correct shade of henna
    – Recommendations for the durability of the result

  3. Correction with wax

    – Ways to work with warm wax and granules
    – Application technique
    – Avoiding burns
    – Working with sensitive skin

  4. Practical training

    – Max number of models – 4
    – Format: QUESTION – ANSWER

  5. By the end of the course

    – Course Completion Certificate
    – 10% discount on Starter Kit
    – Job prospects

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