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Eyebrow Design

Мы подготовили специальную программу с углубленной теоретической частью, которая даст вам возможность заниматься оформлением бровей профессионально и, что самое главное, находить подход к каждому клиенту и случаю в особенности.

Eyebrow Design

What You'll Learn

Total Length: 2 дня (по 4/5 часов)

Eyebrow Design

  1. Introduction to the profession

    – Who is a Brow master?
    – Career opportunities

  2. Theory

    – Facial structure and anatomy
    – Facial shapes
    – Facial diagnostics: symmetry, facial harmony, facial disproportion detection – Brow structure and anatomy
    – Brow forms and classification
    – Eyebrow architecture, design and modeling techniques according to facial structure
    – Methods of visual correction via eyebrows form
    – Perfect eyebrow secrets
    – Eyebrow design creation and final trace drawing
    – Eyebrow care
    – Basis of instruments sterilization

  3. Practical training

    – Psychological aspects of working with clients
    – Positioning of the needle
    – Diagnostics of form damage: over plucking, scars, hair loss, blemish-prone skin
    – American eyebrow modeling technology by wax
    – Processing technique with instruments: tweezers, scissors
    – Austrian technology of coloring by professional eyebrow tint (2-3 weeks). Practical training on two models.


    – Course Completion Certificate
    – 10% discount on Starter Kit
    – Job prospects

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