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Long-lasting eyebrow styling kit

4 500 р.



The Ripa Brows set for long-term styling of eyebrows contains fixing components that do not harm the hairs, deeply nourish and moisturize them. Hydrolyzed protein participates in the formation of keratin and fixes the shape of the eyebrows, elastin has a firming and regenerating property, lanolin alcohol is moisturizing and protective. Jojoba and shea oils are nourishing, shiny and soft. Usma oil restores damaged bulbs and stimulates the growth of new hairs, a complex of polymers protects them from damage.

The set includes:
– Lifting balm Brow Lamination step # 1 Lifting;
– Volume fixer Brow Lamination step # 2 Fixing;
– Nourishing and moisturizing serum Brow Lamination step # 3 Nourishing.


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