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Eyebrow Design

We have prepared a special program with an in-depth theoretical part, which will give you the opportunity to engage in eyebrow styling professionally and, most importantly, to find an approach to each client and case in particular.

Архитектура бровей

What You'll Learn

Total Length: 2 days (for 4/5 hours)

Eyebrow Design

  1. Introduction to the profession

    – Who is a Brow master?
    – Career opportunities

  2. Theory

    – Facial structure and anatomy
    – Facial shapes
    – Facial diagnostics: symmetry, facial harmony, facial disproportion detection – Brow structure and anatomy
    – Brow forms and classification
    – Eyebrow architecture, design and modeling techniques according to facial structure
    – Methods of visual correction via eyebrows form
    – Perfect eyebrow secrets
    – Eyebrow design creation and final trace drawing
    – Eyebrow care
    – Basis of instruments sterilization

  3. Practical training

    – Psychological aspects of working with clients
    – Positioning of the needle
    – Diagnostics of form damage: over plucking, scars, hair loss, blemish-prone skin
    – American eyebrow modeling technology by wax
    – Processing technique with instruments: tweezers, scissors
    – Austrian technology of coloring by professional eyebrow tint (2-3 weeks). Practical training on two models.


    – Course Completion Certificate
    – 10% discount on Starter Kit
    – Job prospects

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Browist Set

  1. Brow Book
  2. Brush for Sketch Small
  3. Blending Brush Big
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Comb for Eyebrows and Eyelashes
  6. Brow Papers
  7. Brow Sticks


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